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Fighting Food Waste & Hunger!

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Green Hour is a Hong Kong based NGO working to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

We aim to do this in various ways, including our popular 'Bun Run' initiative.

Every week Green Hour hosts its Bun Run, allowing participants to directly fight food waste and hunger through collection/distribution.

We are currently looking to source funding to allow us to hire a van for more efficient collection on a weekly basis. Although we currently haver participants traveling on foot to a series of bakeries many bakeries are just too far away for a single group to collect from.

To combat this we hope to have drivers on a weekly basis to reach any bakeries which get left behind to ensure we hit our targets and collect more surplus food every week.

The average weekly costing is around $350. We are aiming for $8,000, enough to help us hire a card for roughly 23 weeks of collection.

We are also recruiting volunteer drivers but since we cannot confirm their availability every week, the money raised is to help us should we need it to ensure efficient collection and distribution on a weekly basis for the coming 6-12 months.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we look forward to your contributions to help us to grow our Bun Run programme. 

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