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心靈雞湯受助小孩Hubert從小有運動天份,不過因為屋企資源不足,冇辦法加以栽培 😔 有見Hubert對劍擊非常有興趣,心靈雞湯就同Fencing Podium合作,為佢安排劍擊課堂,仲特意邀請人稱「重劍一姐」江旻憓Vivian同Hubert呢個小劍手交流下心得💞

一班善長人翁嘅捐款同支持令Hubert有機會發揮佢嘅潛能,但香港仍然有好多破碎家庭冇足夠資源去栽培小朋友。8 歲嘅Bosco同11 歲嘅 Hinson都係嚟自低收入嘅單親家庭,佢哋嘅媽媽獨力維持生計,情緒經常瀕臨崩潰邊緣😢 兩位小朋友從小患有自閉症(ASD)同過度活躍症(ADHA),但屋企無法負擔特殊教育培訓,更加無資源栽培佢地嘅興趣。

Bosco同Hinson好鐘意拍片,佢哋希望可以制作一輯本地遊嘅影片,同大家分享點樣透過搭唔同巴士同鐵路路線遊覽香港,仲希望呢輯影片可以啟發其他破碎家庭,點樣可以「平」遊香港,一齊發掘好玩嘅地方!通過今次嘅募捐活動,心靈雞湯希望可以為Bosco同Hinson籌款資助佢哋為期兩個月嘅影片製作培訓。希望大家可以捐款支持,幫助Bosco同Hinson發展潛能,同心靈雞湯一齊用愛心擁抱破碎家庭 🧡


🔥Unlock The Full Potential for ChickenSoup Children🔥

Growing up in an impoverished single-mother family, Hubert is a talented student athlete despite his family couldn’t afford to enroll him in sports training 😔  To help unleash his athletic potential, the ChickenSoup team has arranged fencing training for him in collaboration with Fencing Podium, and invited Hong Kong’s leading épée fencer Vivian Kong to be his mentor to share advice on fencing, school and life 💞

The donation from donors and sponsors has helped Hubert turn his life around.  Sadly there are still many other crisis families who are struggling to make ends meet and don’t have sufficient resources to pay for their kids’ talent development.  8-year-old Bosco and 11-year-old Hinson, both diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyper activity (ADHA), are raised by low-income single mothers who battle with mental health issues on a daily basis😢  Their families couldn’t afford their SEN training, not to mention their pastime activities.

With a particular strong passion in video making, Bosco and Hinson aspire to create a series of travel vlogs to capture their adventures exploring Hong Kong through bus and MTR rides. They hope their video project can inspire other crisis families to explore the city without spending a fortune.

Through this campaign, the ChickenSoup team is hoping to raise fund to provide two-month video production training for Bosco and Hinson. By donating to ChickenSoup Foundation, you help sponsor their training and unleash their potentials that may make a huge difference to their future.  Every penny counts — please join us to cuddle families in crisis with love!🧡

Read more about Hubert's interview on SCMP:

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